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Security Industry Needs Your Help on 3G Sunset by SIAC

By: Stan Martin

The security industry needs your help on the 3G sunset.

As many of you know, AT&T and Verizon have announced sunsets for their 3G networks. AT&T is calling for a sunset date of February 22, 2022 and Verizon is calling for a sunset of December of 2022 – 10 months later. Because of the Coronavirus many of our customers have been reluctant to have alarm technicians enter their homes and businesses so that we can upgrade their equipment to make them compatible with newer networks.

We need your help especially if your business is headquartered in one of the following states:


The industry is seeking a longer transition period before AT&T sunsets its 3G network. We are asking elected officials to reach out to AT&T and urge them to push back their sunset to December 2022 which would make AT&T’s sunset the same time as Verizon’s proposed sunset, citing the pandemic as the reason.

Linked here is a spreadsheet that includes the staffers of all the members on the House and Senate Telecom Subcommittees. House Members appear first, scroll down to the second page to find Senators. Please use the staffer’s email to contact the Telecom Sub-committee member.

Ideally, if your business is headquartered in a Sub-Committee member’s district or state, we would urge you to reach out to that member. Even if your business is not located in the member’s district but are from his/her state, they will pay attention.

To find out who represents your district go to:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Our lobbyist Bill Signer or I will endeavor to assist you. Thank you in advance for your help in helping our industry.

We are asking you to send the message below to your elected officials:

Dear Representative/Senator:

The burglar and fire alarm industry is seeking your help in urging AT&T to delay the shutdown of its 3G cellular network which is currently scheduled for February 22, 2022 – a mere 16 months from now – to December 2022. This would then have both Verizon and AT&T shutting down their 3G network cellular networks at the same time.

Our industry protects the safety, and property of over 30 million homes and businesses. Additionally, many seniors depend upon us to monitor their personal emergency response systems allowing them to live at home. Many of these systems were installed using the 3G cellular network and must be upgraded, otherwise they will cease to communicate once the 3G networks are shutdown. Historically, AT&T recognized the need for an appropriate time period when it moved from 2G to 3G and provided 4 1/2 years for that transition. The industry estimates that we now have upwards of 3 times the number of 3G devices to change out as we did in the past transition.

Currently, the change-out requires an alarm technician to enter the premise and upgrade the existing equipment. Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus pandemic understandably many of our customers have been reluctant to have us enter their homes and businesses. For six months and counting this has curtailed what was to be a two year transition. Realistically, we are looking at least another nine months before we will be able to resume our normal ability to upgrade these systems.

While AT&T has been working with the industry for the development of equipment that will allow consumers to self-install equipment that would upgrade home security systems, to date that equipment is still in the testing stage. While we are hopeful that the equipment will work, we are not certain it will or whether the manufacturer will be able to meet the demand in a timely fashion.

Accordingly, we are asking you to speak directly with AT&T and urge them to move back their 3G cellular shutdown date to December 2022 and make it the same time as Verizon’s shutdown. Failure to do so will put millions of homes, businesses, and lives needlessly at risk.

Include your address on the emails that you send so they know you are a constituent.

Again, thank you in advance for your help.

Stay safe,


Stan Martin
Executive Director, SIAC
13541 Stanmere Dr
Frisco, TX 75035
Ofc: 972-377-9401

Meet ESA Instructor of the Year! Donald C. McInnes

Paul Baran Instructor of the Year

The Wisconsin Security Association is excited to announce our very own Don McInnes as the winner of this years Paul Baran Instructor of the Year Award!

ESA will do a formal award presentation to Don at ESA’s Leadership Summit at our Awards Ceremony, being held September 30th at 7:00 PM–8:00 PM. This year’s event is virtual, so everyone is able to attend and join us to celebrate Don’s award.

The Instructor of the Year Award was dedicated by ESA in 2011 as a deserving tribute to Paul F. Baran for his long-time commitment to the electronic life safety and security industry.  Mr. Baran’s dedication to training and certification was an inspiration to all who knew him. An avid supporter of the industry, he devoted his energy and expertise to elevating its level of professionalism.  He joined the National Training School as an instructor in 1987 and began volunteering on the Education Committee as a subject matter expert in 1994.  His loyal and unwavering service on the Education Committee led to his appointment as chairman, where he served proudly and with integrity until his untimely death on November 23, 2010. Recipients of the Instructor of the Year Award in Honor of Paul F. Baran exhibit evidence of ongoing education and professional development; a constructive philosophy toward the alarm profession; high personal standards; technology proficiency; and the ability to convey advanced technical, sales and business concepts gained through personal experience. These attributes exemplify the qualities that made Mr. Baran so instrumental in the success of the ESA National Training School.

Don began teaching for the ESA National Training School in 1987 and throughout these 33 years he has shared his passion for learning with countless students. “Over the years that I have known Don he has demonstrated what a true professional he is in the classroom. Don brings in years of real-life experience while teaching and is able to help students get a better understanding of the materials than any other instructor that I have ever met. Don has taught students for years following his motto “knowledge is power” in helping shape individuals in our industry to become the best that they can become.” ~Bill Flesch WISA President Congratulations Don – you are so deserving of this award and recognition.


REGISTER HERE for the FREE award presentation held THIS Wednesday 7:00 pm-8:00 Central Time

Congratulation 2020 Scholarship Winners

The Wisconsin Security Association (WISA), is pleased to announce this years winners of two college scholarships for graduating seniors whose parents are full-time, active members of a Wisconsin police or fire department. The award is made possible from all the membership of the Wisconsin Security Association.
By William Flesch

Hannah Wenzel is a recent graduate of Wauwatosa East high school, and she plans to attend St Norbert College this fall where she will pursue a degree in biology and German. During high school, Hannah consistently made the honor roll and she graduated as one of the valedictorians of her class. Hannah has worked at her karate school, National Karate, for nearly three years where she teaches karate as a black belt herself. She also plays the violin and speaks fluent German. Hannah’s lovely family consists of her parents, Matt and Janette, and their dog Lucy. Matt is a police officer in the city of Milwaukee where he has been working for 23 years, and Jan is a K4 teacher in the Wauwatosa school district where she has been for 26 years. Hannah and her family would like to express their extreme gratitude to the Wisconsin Security Association for being selected as one of this year’s scholarship recipients and looks forward to the next adventure in her life.


Courtney Isselmann is a 2020 Graduate of Roncalli High School located in Manitowoc Wisconsin Graduating with honors. She is the daughter of Eric and Carla Isselmann and they reside in two Rivers Wisconsin where her father Eric is a veteran of the Two Rivers Fire Department. In her free time enjoys spending time outdoors hunting with her dad, fishing with her friends, or hiking with her dog. She also likes to take pictures, read, and spend time at the beach swimming and kayaking during the summer.   Courtney will be attending Marquette University this fall majoring in biomedical science and she is also interested in psychology and would like to one day become a pediatrician or specialize in another area in the medical field where she could help kids.

Joint Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from the Electronic Security and Life Safety Industry Associations

A special message from ESA, SIA & TMA.


During this challenging time, ESA, SIA and TMA are united in representing your interest in the electronic security and life safety industry. The rapid government response through executive action, regulatory changes and legislation at the local, state and federal level to the COVID-19 virus is unprecedented. We stand together to assure all members, consumers and other stakeholders that this industry will continue to remain on the front lines as a vital partner in public safety.

We understand member companies across the country are contending with executive and legislative action that potentially impacts electronic security and life safety businesses in thousands of jurisdictions across the country because of confusion over defining the essential services critical to the Nation’s infrastructure.

To that end, we wish to inform you of recently published guidelines from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which provides “identification of essential critical infrastructure workers during COVID-19 response.” While these guidelines are not a mandate to state and local jurisdictions, they do provide strategic guidance toward the unified effort to maintain the Nation’s critical infrastructure and as such we believe these guidelines serve an important role as communities respond with executive and legislative action.

The list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” identified by the CISA pamphlet and important to our industry include:

  • Workers supporting communications systems and information technology used by law enforcement, public safety, medical, energy and other critical industries;
  • Maintenance of communications infrastructure- including privately owned and maintained communication systems supported by technicians, operators, call-centers, wireline and wireless providers, cable service providers, satellite operations, undersea cable landing stations, Internet Exchange Points, and manufacturers and distributors of communications equipment;
  • Installation, maintenance and repair technicians that establish, support or repair service as needed;
  • Workers who support command centers, including, but not limited to Network Operations Command Centers, Broadcast Operations Control Centers and Security Operations Command Centers;
  • Data center operators, including system administrators, HVAC & electrical engineers, security personnel, IT managers, data transfer solutions engineers, software and hardware engineers, and database administrators;

Dispatchers involved with service repair and restoration.


Download the Pamphet


We appreciate your participation in this industry and the work you do to protect property and lives. This challenge will make us stronger and rest assured, we will be here to protect you, your company and the essential critical infrastructure services you provide.


Day of CEU’s

The Wisconsin Security Association Day of CEU’s is in full swing! Jason West from Digital Watchdog is discussing Cloud Management Made Easy. The group has been asking some great questions and Jason is an expert in his field.

Per Mar Security Services Awards Academic Scholarships

Per Mar Security Services, a leading provider of total security solutions for residential and commercial clients founded in Davenport, IA, is pleased to announce it has awarded twenty-one, $500 scholarship awards for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Each year, children of Per Mar or Midwest Alarm Services employees can apply for scholarships to be used towards higher education. “We are glad that we are able to award scholarships to deserving students,” said Brain Duffy, Chief Operating Officer. “It’s great to see the program expand more this year.”

Congratulations to all of the recipients of Per Mar’s Scholarship Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Nathan Check is the son of Scott Check, a Technician out of our Wausau branch. Nathan is studying at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Cameron Melk is the daughter of Matt Melk, District Operations Manager for our Wausau branch. Cameron is studying nursing at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Jenna Rach is the daughter of Dave Rach, Sales Consultant at the Madison branch. Jenna is studying Pharmacology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ian Stussy is the son of Pete Stussy, Sales Consultant at the La Crosse branch. Ian is studying Finance at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

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