Early-bird registration pricing for this year’s Leadership Summit, Feb. 18-21 in Orlando, Fla., extended but will end today Jan. 25. Take advantage of this special discount and register now!


Timely and provocative general sessions on the evolving residential interactive services market; opportunities for integrated technology plays in the retail market; customer experience-centric marketing and service delivery; and ESA’s Annual MegaTrends Research Report.

Practical, idea-filled seminars organized into four tracks

Executive leadership; Revenue Leadership; Technology Leadership; and Chapter Management (Free track for the leaders of ESA’s Chartered Chapters)

The Summit Showcase, featuring dozens of the security industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers

Numerous networking receptions where you can connect with industry peers who will provide year=-round, career-long sources of information, advice and friendship

ESA Meetings, including;

ESA Board of Directors Meeting

Committee and Council Meeting

First Town Hall Meeting of the new ESA Integration Leaders Group

Professional Group Meetings

Whether it’s understanding technology and market changes or getting better at managing and leading change, the Leadership Summit has content and contacts that will help you do it.  Take advantage of the programs and people that will be coming together. For more details visit www.ESA-summit.com



Certified Alarm Technician – Level I, February 6-8, 2013 registration is still has open but you must sign up now. The $10 late registration fee is in effect, but this late fee will be waived for the first four persons who register before 12 noon, Monday, January 18.  Be aware that registrations received less than one week before the class will be charged special delivery fees that may occur in addition to the $10 fee.




Required Certification

CAT LVL I certification required for all technicians in City of Milwaukee

One of the courses needed to attain CAT Level II

Best recognized and most insisted upon credential by state and local licensing authorities

Companies gain higher quality work, more efficiently and at higher profits

Building block for more advanced and specialized training


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