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Holiday Party January 19, 2017

Your WIESA chapter welcomes you to start off the New Year with a Hibachi dinner and show!

Hibachi is the cooking of meat, vegetable and seafood dishes on a high-heat, metal cooking plate. Under the cooking plate is a wooden or ceramic container filled with burning charcoal or wood. Hibachi chefs are entertainers and culinary arts experts that wow dinner guests with seemingly  impossible coordination, skill, and  sometimes humor.
Up to 20 people per table with room to walk around and talk to others.

Meiji Cuisine
2503 Plaza Ct.
Waukesha, WI 53086
Cost:   $55 per person

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Reservation for an over night stay can be made at the below address at our group rate.

Extended Stay America
2520 Plaza Ct.  Waukesha, WI 53186
(262) 798.0217

Cyber Security and Website Marketing November 10

David Askey – CEO of TechNow

David Askey has worked in the field of IT security for over 30 years. Dave received a Computer Science degree at UW-Madison while working for the Computer Science  and Mathematics departments. Inspired by net-work technologies that led to the Internet, Mr. Askey was guided by some of the greatest minds at UW. Mr. Askey has instructed developers of ASIMS, which some regard as the earlist IDS. As the industry matured to require Red Teams, Blue Teams and Computer Crime investigators, Mr. Askey stood up TechNow to meet those educational demands. Having taught over 130 courses, Dave’s career has expanded into many technology realms. His instruction ranges at the highest levels of security and technologies.

Patrick Cota –  President of Scope 10

Patrick Cota has been involved in marketing and advertising for more than 28 years  with over 18 years in Corporate America. In 2008, Mr. Cota left Corporate America to start Scope 10, a nationally recognized web development and marketing agency. A high energy leader with a documented record of success in multiple channels of marketing, he possesses a remarkable ability to bring people together; inspire creativity and motivate them to not only excel in their professional careers but also in their personal lives. An agent for positive change, Mr. Cota provides authentic leadership and communication skills.

Date: November 10, 2016 Time: 5:00 Registration, 5:30 Dinner, 6:00 Speakers
Place: The Clarke Hotel, 314 W. Main St., Waukesha, WI 53186   Cost: $55 per person

Questions: Please contact Karen Bartel 414-459-3260 or Fax: 877-452-5111 or information@wiesa.org

Memorial Golf Outing Pat (Schroeder) (Wabyick) Suring September 29

We invite you to “Play the Canyon” at Cold Water Canyon Golf Course, located at Chula Vista Resort – one of Wisconsin’s most historic golf courses. 18 challenging holes await you on a course that boasts a traditional style front nine that was built in 1923. The exciting new back nine features link-style hills, moguls and bunkers that create secluded fairways that will enhance your golf experience.

Cold Water Canyon offers lush greens, canyon fairways and breathtaking views for players of all ability levels. Perfect for a day escape with your friends and family, group outing, or your next golf event. Book your tee-time today or check out the Stay and Play Golf Packages and enjoy the Canyon today!

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ESX 2016 June 8 -10

We are excited to welcome you to ESXweb.com! Refreshed and rebranded for ESX 2016.

Explore. Expand. Exchange. Evolve. ESX is the definitive event for innovative professionals who are passionate about the business of electronic security and life safety. In the near future, the website will be enriched with additional features, content and information that will help you make your plans for attending ESX 2016 in Fort Worth, June 8-10. We encourage you to stop by ESXweb.com and take a moment to check it out. The ESX team and I appreciate your support – please take a moment and watch the below video. Make sure you pass it to your peers and team members too!

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SIAC Needs your support

Security Industry Alarm Coalition

While we support SIAC as an association, their critical mission deserves the individual support of all of our members.

By: Mike Miller

For over a decade, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition has answered every call and responded to every situation where and when needed by the industry. They have done this without consideration of the size of the city or the distance to be traveled; all while never asking for a dime. Perhaps this was a mistake, but in truth they have viewed their mission as altruistic and the contributions they received were spent regardless of anything except a need for assistance.

Some say that SIAC is a victim of their own successes and this might be a very appropriate description of what has been accomplished. However, what most people view as SIAC’s primary mission is just the tip of the preverbal iceberg.

Opposing onerous legislation is a very small part of what SIAC does. If all that they did was to respond to these crisis situations, the battle would have been lost and they would have had to close their doors long ago. The proactive mission that they engage in stops many bad things from happening. SIAC has formed 17 state alarm committees that are managed by the state police chief’s associations. In states where these committees are located, 3 police chiefs and 3 alarm industry members meet and steer alarm policies and ordinances for the entire state. Cooperatively, these committees are provided the opportunity to meet with local officials and explain what the options are and more important, ensure they are listened to.

Why doesn’t SIAC form a committee in every state? Without question, that is the ultimate goal. But with only 4 full-time SIAC employees, there isn’t enough time or money to make that happen.

At the same time that these state committees are working, SIAC employees serve on committees at the national level for police chiefs and sheriffs, providing the industry access and a voice for you and your customers. This level of access is unprecedented by our industry and it has taken many years to gain the trust and confidence that we now enjoy with law enforcement.

What isn’t obvious is how one bad policy can quickly become 10. Just as each of us has influence over a handful of people in our personal and professional lives, cities and counties are influenced by what their peers are doing. A bad policy that looks good can quickly become many more until it is not economically feasible to fight.

In spite of all of the success that SIAC has earned, it is frightening just how few people actually contribute. As large as our industry has become, 75 percent of SIAC’s income comes from only 10 contributors. While this is a real blessing, it also exposes SIAC to the impact of losing even one of these contributions.  Even though SIAC’s successes impact all companies large and small equally, what’s been missing all along are contributions from the general alarm industry.

The policy “of the day” seems to be requiring alarm companies collect all registration fees and fines. On the surface it may sound innocuous but consider the details involved. You receive a monthly invoice for false responses for all of your customers. If you are a central station, your first move is to identify which dealer each of the customers belongs to. Now you have to research what happened, contact the dealer who then has to contact the customer. It would be an administrative nightmare, especially considering that billing you for these alarms is actually unconstitutional. In each of the jurisdictions where this could have happened, the industry would be required to spend thousands of dollars in order to comply.

The industry must come to recognize exactly what is at stake, and gladly agree to fund SIAC. Sadly this is not the case, and we are in real jeopardy of not being able to fund SIAC at a level that even allows us to remain at the status quo.

I encourage you to visit the SIAC website and look at the contributors. See where their support has come through and please consider adding your name to this list.

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Mike Miller is President of Moon Security, an SDM top 100 company in Pasco, Washington. Mike is a Past President of the ESA, and is a full board member of SIAC.

The Rampart New Letter

On a beautiful Fall day in Wisconsin, 64 premier golfers gathered at Chula Vista,
Wisconsin Dells, to display their immense talents on the golf course and prove their
mettle. One person said , “I’m glad the PGA gave us some time off.”
Okay, fine. But it was a beautiful day and to be sure there was awesome golf
happening. The new club house proved to be a great venue. And fun was had by all!

What to read more download the new letter below!

Fall News Letter

Upcoming Events

  1. WIESA Board Meeting

    February 22 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  2. Day of CEU’s

    March 1
  3. Certified Alarm Technician Level I

    March 5 @ 8:00 am - March 7 @ 5:00 pm
  4. WIESA Board Meeting

    March 15 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  5. WIESA Board Meeting

    April 19 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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