Update on Milwaukee Licenses

There has been much confusion about the new Milwaukee Alarm Ordinance and how and when it is going to be implemented. After several conversations with the city, we have finally received notification that all forms should be available by the end of next week.(June 24th). The ordinance actually went into effect June 1st, but all of the appropriate forms are just now being made available. Now that the forms are being made available to the public, the city in short order will be enforcing the new requirements. (more…)

What Happens If I Don’t Train My Team?

The biggest worry about training your team shouldn’t be if they leave – it’s if they stay. By Lee Distad. Originally posted by NTS

One of the most common objections raised by company owners when considering investing in training goes something like this: “What happens if I invest all of that time and money in training my team and they leave?”

John Lombardi, founder and president of Commercial Instruments & Alarm Systems, Inc., has a simple response: “The real question is, what happens if I don’t train them and they stay?”

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Ten Reasons to Go Beyond Your State’s Education Requirements

Separate yourself from the competition, create consistent internal standards, determine appropriate compensation and more. by Lee Distad

State licensing and education requirements vary throughout the country, and for security integrators in states with few or no requirements, it’s not always clear why you should invest in training beyond what you “need to do.”

But there are plenty of reasons to go beyond your state’s requirements. Here are 10.

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