What Happens If I Don’t Train My Team?

The biggest worry about training your team shouldn’t be if they leave – it’s if they stay. By Lee Distad. Originally posted by NTS

One of the most common objections raised by company owners when considering investing in training goes something like this: “What happens if I invest all of that time and money in training my team and they leave?”

John Lombardi, founder and president of Commercial Instruments & Alarm Systems, Inc., has a simple response: “The real question is, what happens if I don’t train them and they stay?”

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Ten Reasons to Go Beyond Your State’s Education Requirements

Separate yourself from the competition, create consistent internal standards, determine appropriate compensation and more. by Lee Distad

State licensing and education requirements vary throughout the country, and for security integrators in states with few or no requirements, it’s not always clear why you should invest in training beyond what you “need to do.”

But there are plenty of reasons to go beyond your state’s requirements. Here are 10.

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David M Koenig receives Sara E. Jackson Award

David Koenig, a partner with Capital Lock, Inc. in Madison, WI, was selected to receive the 2010 Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award.  The Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award is named in honor of the 1950-51 ESA president and is presented annually to an ESA committee chair who has displayed outstanding leadership.

As treasurer of ESA since 2007, David has been instrumental in the continued financial stability and stewardship of the association.  David has been involved in the security industry since 1981, beginning with Mid-Wisconsin security as a central station dispatcher.  He has held a number of management positions in firms large and small that have provided a variety of security services including electronic access control, burglar and fire alarm systems, uniformed security officers and patrol services, central station monitoring services and locksmithing.  His experience includes sales, system installation, project management, design, budgeting, consulting and business management.

In addition to treasurer of ESA, David serves the association and the security industry in many capacities.  He is treasurer for the ESA Political Action committee, treasurer of Security America Risk Retention Group, and executive committee liaison to the ESA Education and Training Committee.  However, his work as chairman of the ESA Budget/Audit Committee and chairman of the Investment Committee earned David this prestigious award.


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