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These Wisconsin Electronic Security Association Apprenticeship Standards have as their objective the training of Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers skilled in all phases of the industry including the installation and servicing of security and fire alarms, electronic access control, closed-circuit television/video, and other low voltage systems. The Sponsor recognizes that in order to accomplish this, there must be well-developed on-the-job learning combined with related instruction.

Apprenticeship is a rewarding but demanding choice that requires determination, commitment, attitude and physical conditioning to succeed. For those who meet the challenges of apprenticeship, the rewards are substantial. A journey level worker is guaranteed an excellent wage and benefits anywhere in the United States.

Good work ethic

Shows up every day, on time, for work and school. Always has back-up day care and transportation plans. Works hard at a steady pace. Has proven potential to be good worker. Any continuous employment or training with a good attendance record can indicate this, even if not related to the trade/occupation.

Positive attitude

  • Listens and learns on the job and in school.
  • Works with others as a team to build the project.
  • Follows directions of crew leaders regardless of the manner in which they are given.


  • Aptitude for the trade/occupation and some work history
  • Has some experience doing construction, production, or other comparable work or transferable skills.

Physical condition

Some apprenticeships require both physical strength and endurance. In those that do, able to work in a physically demanding environment for extended periods of time in all weather conditions. Can work at heights and in enclosed areas. Is very safety conscious in all work.

Values the System

Values the apprenticeship system as an excellent way to learn skills and develop a career while making a good living wage with benefits.

Enjoys the Work

Chooses a trade that he/she really enjoys and wants to learn. You need to like the work in order to stay with it when times are tough.

Understands the System

It can be a complicated process to become an apprentice. You may have to wait to be interviewed since apprenticeship programs only accept the number of apprentices they can keep working steadily. This is very different from just applying for a job. You need to be both patient and persistent. If a person truly values and understands the system, they won’t give up. You may need a survival job until the apprenticeship starts.

Makes a Commitment

Apprenticeship program sponsors invest time and money training apprentices. They want apprentices who will complete their program and stay employed within the industry that has invested time and money into an individual’s career training

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