All Security Companies who provide alarm services in the Appleton area are invited to the 2014 Annual meeting between Security providers and law enforcements officials.

The meeting will be held, Thursday, February 27, 2014 – 9:00am at the Appleton Police Department.
222 South Walnut Street, Appleton, WI

Lieutenant Dan Weiske, Appleton Police Department has planned this annual meeting in a continuing effort to bring everyone together to help ensure the lines of communication remain open between alarm companies and law enforcement.  This past year the department’s False Alarm Reduction Strategies have proven very successful and he looks forward to setting new goals to make 2014 the best year on record.      A new topic is added to the meeting agenda.   The Appleton Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit will give a presentation on the latest crime trends and show how it affects both law enforcement and the alarm industry.  Be assured this will be worth attending as drugs, gang activity and other violent crimes are changing the communities we live in.      Save room for coffee and donuts!


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