Bylaws and Code of Ethics

Members of the Wisconsin Electronic Security Association (“WIESA”) are committed to serving the public with high quality products and services that help protect lives and property through the detection and notification of certain events. The WIESA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (collectively the “Code”) is intended to assist WIESA members and their employees in providing these products and services to the public in a highly ethical manner.

This Code is intended to provide guidance for WIESA members in the ethical conduct of business. WIESA expects its Members to meet or exceed the guidelines set forth in this Code. Members are encouraged to implement policies and procedures that provide the highest standards of quality and consumer protections. In addition, if there is a conflict between this Code and any state, federal, and/or local rule or regulation, the controlling rule or regulation supersedes this Code. Members should interpret this Code as broadly as possible to protect all impacted groups to the greatest extent possible.

This Code is binding on all members of the WIESA. Failure to comply with this Code may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of WIESA membership. Members are required to respond truthfully and accurately to all inquiries made by WIESA during an investigation into a potential violation of this Code.

In providing products and services for consumers, conduct of the WIESA member impacts (1) potential and existing customers; (2) public emergency response agencies; (3) their employees and other paid Representative (as defined herein); and (4) the general public. Members are required to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including licensing requirements. In addition, WIESA members will take all appropriate steps to adhere to the following principles as they apply to each of these impacted groups.

Potential and Existing Customers

Members acknowledge that their customer’s safety and security is their reason for being in business.

Members shall treat each potential and existing customer with respect. Members shall engage in marketing and advertising in a nondeceptive manner, and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and all other applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Emergency Response Agencies

Members shall endeavor to reduce the rate at which emergency agencies respond to nonemergency occurrences by adopting industry recognized best practices for installing, servicing and monitoring of electronic life safety and security systems.


Members acknowledge that it is through their employees and other Representatives that they are able to deliver products and services to customers, thereby creating, sustaining and developing their businesses. Members shall provide adequate training and supervision to employees and implement disciplinary measures for employees that fail to comply with this Code. Moreover, Members shall require other Representatives to implement appropriate and effective controls —whether they are independent contractors, agents, dealers, etc.—through contracts, agreements, and other formal processes and procedures. In no circumstance may a Member structure a relationship with a Representative or third party who markets, sells, or services electronic life safety and security systems for the purpose of avoiding application of the Code to the Member’s customers.

General Public

WIESA desires that its Members and their Representatives (1) conduct their business dealings with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, (2) act as reasonable and responsible citizens in the communities in which they operate, and (3) positively and ethically promote the industry to the general public.

Standards of Conduct


These Standards of Conduct are to provide guidance for member companies in conducting their activities in the spirit of honesty toward consumers, specifically with integrity and fair competition. Adherence to this Code will promote best practices which foster consumer protection, and also preserve the integrity and reputation of the entire electronic life safety and security industry.

Representative Defined

The term “Representative” includes employees, independent contractors, agents, dealers, dealer networks, associates, and other entities and individuals who market or sell electronic life safety and security products and services on behalf of a Member, regardless of the underlying legal arrangement between the Member and the Representative. The term Representative is to be construed broadly and Members may not structure arrangements with third parties for the purpose of circumventing the Code with respect to the accounts serviced or owned by a Member.

For example, but in no way limiting the definition of a Representative, a Member may not agree to purchase accounts from a non-member for the purpose of acquiring accounts that were not generated in conformance with the Code. Similarly, a Member may not disclaim a legal relationship with a Representative or other third party for the purpose of circumventing the Code.


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WIESA Code of Ethics

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